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Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Mar 14, Messages: I'm trying to understand what happens if I declare war against a target who is in a military coalition against me. Normally, all member of the coalition would declare war on me. What happens?

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Do they all enter the war and lose 5 stability? Or are they exempt from the auto-join?

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Or do they join without losing the stability. Usually, I would simply try it and see what happens but this is an ironman game and fighting all of them again might be too much. Any help is appreciated. Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Jan 30, Messages: 1. I believe defensive calls to arms don't have stability hits, but I could be wrong.

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    January 27, Never used to describe a modern male practitioner of Wicca To a Wiccan, warlock is at worst considered a derogatory term and at best a comic one. Community Word of the day Random word Log in or Sign up. All rights reserved. Examples And a trio of Salem witches, not pleased by Sheen's use of the term " warlock ," have cast a healing spell in his honor.

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    Pagans to Sheen: Sorry, Charlie, you're no 'warlock' My old lady, Lucille, hates anything that sounds remotely like music, the new-age shop guy kicked me out because he found the term warlock offensive My great grandfather beat up a warlock. Clockwork Angel It's called the warlock system, which would have detected or set off anything with a wireless signal that would set off that bomb, so they believe this bomb was actually wired probably underground and detonated remotely through that wire instead of wirelessly.

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    CNN Transcript Jan 30, The warlock was a short fellow in his late thirties, younger than I, though with his wobbling paunch, graying goatee, and the broken veins in his bulbous nose, he looked older. Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]. Related Words Log in or sign up to add your own related words.