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Each chapter from the past gave us a new discovery and was connected in a way to the present.


I loved both of the romances, but Jonah and Clara's was so beautiful. It was such a slow burn, friends to lovers tale and I couldn't get enough. If you're looking for a gorgeous romance that's character driven, magical, equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming, and will enchant you, pick up The Wish Collector.

The cover is so beautiful and the story is a unique one of love, tragedy, redemption, forgiveness, and growth. Mia did an amazing job with this story and I highly recommend it. My monster. My wish collector. My love. View all 20 comments. I got news for those people. I did finish it. Author wanted to redeemed the hero in some way.

He still did not redeem himself in my eyes. No, so that makes it ok that he still did it? Did that make him redeemable? Next are quotes from the book itself. Jonah had plenty of doubts himself. And this case. If he impressed the partners, it could literally make his career. He ruined lives as easily as he buttered toast. Murray Ridgley may very well have committed this crime. It would ruin me. He wanted to make partner, he knew that the partners at the law firm were hiding something from him and he still continued.

The partners all congratulated me later. The supposed rape victim was planning to blackmail a lot of men who she had sex with, she had proof and she even had sex with the supposed rapist, she took photos of the sex club she belonged to. She complied and agreed to testify against the supposed rapist.

Being sarcastic here A man who fought for justice, who gave to charity. First of all- these are MY feelings about this book. To each their own! Fifth- People need to stop acting like this is high school. Happy reading!!! This piece of shit does not deserve any redemption. This piece of shit deserves to die alone. This piece of shit deserved to die when the rapist he defended killed his poor victim, his brother and 4 more people.

A man who killed and rape women. While doing so, he put the sole survivor of this rapist on the stand, tearing her apart, making her more unstable than what she already was. This poor woman had to be carried out because she was inconsolable and traumatized by the POS and his defendant. He wanted to make partner at the law firm where he was working, he wanted to be the youngest partner like his father was.

He wanted to be better than his father. He wanted to be famous. Oh the POS got to be famous alright! The author then tried to made the POS a hero when he threw himself at the rapist. POS deserve everything he got and so much more. For feeling guilty.

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The POS is guilty as much as the rapist is. He should not have be redeemed. He should burn in HELL like the rapist is doing right now. View all 28 comments. I have a headache from those liquid things rolling down my face. Two stories intertwined Four lives One Truth I railed at the injustices, cried, and nearly threw my kindle against the wall, but at the end, the truth came to light. This is a multilayered and gripping story about Truth, Love, and Redemption.

View all 8 comments. So good, a retake on beauty and the beast, once started I was hooked, so unique, couldn't put it down. Crazy love this authors words. Highly recommend.. View all 11 comments. Nov 15, Olga therebelreader rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle , arc-cc-final-review , tears , contemporary-romance , favorites , highly-emotional , mystery , suspense-angst. Due to the blurb and the gorgeous cover, I was very anxious to read The Wish Collector and let me tell you, it certainly did not disappoint!

Jonah suffers from horrific scars. He now lives an isolated life at Windisle Plantation, a sugar plantation that was built more than years ago. A site in New Orleans which is rumored to be sacred, cursed, even haunted. Clara is a sweet, loving ballet dancer. She is the right mix of kindness, strength, sass, beauty, sexy and love. Clara is going to test his boundaries, push him out of his comfort zone and try to make him see the light inside the dark.

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Will he ever be able to look beyond the cover of himself to see the truth inside that is ever so beautiful? The story takes us on a journey of self discovery, fear, passion, mystery, magic, pain, and longing with a fairy tale charm. There is nothing I like better than the redemption of a broken man through the love of a good woman.

It is a tender, touching thing, watching the carefully constructed walls around Jonah begin to crumble, as Clara refuses to give up. I absolutely adored this book, and I know I will have a book hangover for days. Dec 03, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: crime-mafia , magic , 1paranormal-lovestories , afterlife , ghosts , favorites , 4fantasy-lovestories , 2contemporary-lovestories. So, this book is like a riddle and it is intriguingly complicated. There was nothing to be done now. A man hiding his face in the shadows watches the young artist: Movement in the back of the theatre caught her eye and she stumbled slightly, catching herself and glancing at Madame Fournier who, thank the heavens, was looking in a different direction.

A man—she could only make out his tall outline—stepped around the corner. Then, there is a bit of the legends of Zorro and Batman. The rich masked hero who saves the weak women, punishes the evil men, offers money here and there when someone needs it. Jonah, in his skeletal mask, obviously looked even more frightening than the filthy meathead attempting to assault her.

He chuckled then and it drifted to her, falling over her like magic, causing goosebumps to erupt on her skin. Lied to. Blinded by self-importance and ego. And the final twist is a paranormal one: A drop of her blood being brought to the light. Two love stories: One love story with a tragic ending from the past , about Angelina Loreaux and John Whitfield One love story with a tragic start which struggles to have a future, about Clara Campbell and Johan Chamberlain.

Well, it is one of the best books that I have read this year, thus it is highly recommended. A beautiful melancholic book with the right amount of Angst, Romance, Stalking, Mystery, Daydreaming, Redemption, True love that can not be seized by lies, time or death. View all 10 comments. Dec 04, Eve Between The Bookends rated it it was amazing. I'd love to see it made into a movie! The setting was amazing. The touch of magical realism was amazing. The secondary characters were amazing. Clara was amazing. The ending had me crying like a baby.

I usually do not like slow burns, and this one was S-L-O-W burn to the extreme, but it worked perfectly. I can't recommend this one highly enough.

And just an FYI, this is a book that you need to ACTUALLY read until the very end because things may look one way at the start, but things are not always as they seem to be, and you are doing a disservice to other readers and the author when you post misleading information Jan 22, Mads rated it liked it Shelves: meh. It was okay, not bad, just okay!!!! View all 15 comments. Im so in love with this story. The Wish Collector was mesmerizing the plot captivating and the writing was exquisite. The characters were well developed and the romance so unique that will linger in my thoughts for a long time to come!

This story is so brilliant, Mia Sheridan did an amazing job with this one. This is an unforgettable story, it goes to my top favorite reads for this year! View 2 comments.

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I wanted to love this book. The first quarter of the story was a good start with anticipation of a build up of the storyline. I felt like there was a mash up of stories or a modern day Phantom of the Opera. I do enjoy this authors writing style and I know this release will be embraced by many, but it just wasn't my favorite. I never felt an attachment to either character. It was also a bit far-fetched to be labeled into a romance story.

Read More Read More Remember to follow all things messy. View all 4 comments. Nov 14, Katy Regnery rated it it was amazing.

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This is one gorgeous, sweeping, epic American love story. I could feel the hot, spicy New Orleans breeze on my cheeks as I read each word NoSpace xoxoxo Alone in a new city she feels homesick. Then she learns of the local attraction at Windisle Plantation. The myth of their ghosts and the stone wall where people left 5 Stars! The myth of their ghosts and the stone wall where people left their wishes fascinated her.

She decides to go leave a wish at the wall, and is shocked when she hears movement from the other side. She keeps returning weekly and a friendship forms between two lonely people who can talk anonymously and be themselves. They talk about everything despite the physical barricade between them.

Jonah Chamberlain once had it all, or so he thought. He was a handsome, successful lawyer. Then the path he chose forever changed his life, and led him to Windisle. Now he feels worthless and pathetic, and is consumed by grief, anger and pain. Then he forms an unusual bond with a woman named Clara. She intrigued him, and offered him compassion. He was captivated by her sweetness, and she soothes him, and makes him question everything. She made him yearn for things that were long out of his reach. Their time together felt magical, and he decides to enjoy the moments they had.

I feel this Clara has been obsessing over her broken wish collector since the day they met. He brought her peace, and invoked a fierce longing in her.

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She wanted this beautiful man to be hers. For him to join the world, and realize he still had plenty to offer. Her scarred stranger had stolen her heart. Jonah continues to push Clara away. Would he stay an outcast hidden in his sanctuary making himself suffer, and risk her walking away, or will he step out of the shadows for love? This story is about a man who lives life consumed with such an overwhelming, intense sadness.

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That sometimes we just need that one person to truly see us and believe in us. That nobody is perfect, but we all always have something to be grateful for. This book was a deeply emotional, romantic, beautiful, touching, unique story. I loved it so much! He ached with longing so intense it left him breathless. She was his Clara. JoyRide Art, Business. Welcome Business. Engagement Surprise Business.

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