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Our priorities are pathetic. The feral cats are only feral because they do not have a home. Neutering releasing and socializing in the long run is much more humane.

Someday you will need the cats and because of your policy the only cats left will be in a zoo. I do not wish to live in your cruel world.

Feral Cat Resource Guide

There is more than one way to accomplish your objective. Good luck playing God. Trap Neuter and Return programs are the only proven way to control cat populations and is actually humane. Has anyone in the decision-making chain ever even researched this? Recommend making educated and ethical and humane decisions. Remember, humans are the reason for the initiation of most pest problems. Obviously these people hate all living creatures, not just cats.

IF people feeders are trapping and spaying and neutering the cats , it will decrease the populations. Leaving them uncared for allows them to continue to reproduce.

The Differences Between Feral Cats and Domestic Cats | Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates

I have fed cat colonies for more than 30 years. I have done the responsible thing, spayed, neutered and vaccinated. My colonies have dwindled in size. Step up to the plate people, help the animals. It is an arbitrary and quite possibly illegal designation which goes above and beyond the Ministry of Primary Industries Companion Cats — Animal Welfare Code of Welfare This is a code of best practice formulated by referencing the Animal Welfare Act itself.

It appears GWRC are under the erroneous assumption they can rely on identification methods such as collars and microchips to determine which is a companion Cat and execute all other Cats who do not have identification. In fact, it is well documented microchips are prone to failure, not just individually, but by the entire batch. As to collars, these are well known to be dangerous for Cats and a cursory internet search will reveal numerous grizzly images of injuries caused by Cat collars.

On the matter of abandoning animals, an additional local government bylaw is not required as this matter is already covered under the Animal Welfare Act which allows the courts to apply stringent penalties to the tune of fines in five figures and terms of imprisonment to those convicted of abandoning animals.

The section of the RPMP intended to prevent servants of Cats from serving stray and colony Cats is a foolhardy approach which is counterproductive for native wildlife. Prevent people from serving a Cat colony and the cats may predate on native wildlife. The truth of the matter is remove the Cats from an ecosystem and it will be overrun by rodents within a short period of time.

Do Cats Really Have 9 Lives?! - Cats 101

In ecology this process is termed the mesopredator release effect. This is beyond stupid! TNR is a better program for decreasing there population and people should not be persecuted for thinking animal life is worth something. What a heartless bunch of council workers these are not the types of humans who should represent people. These colonies can be controlled with a desexing programme. There are alot of organizations that do this and then feed the remaining cats.

The problem lies with the irresponsible people that dump or abandon these cats. What are you going to do about them. Encourage them not to?? You need to take the hard line with them not the poor cats who really are the victims here! So you are advocating cruelty to these animals by starvation?

If they are being fed by those wonderful people they are less likely to hunt down smaller animals as food. You must be a cat hater. First of all how do cats become feral cats? If you are going to have a cat as a pet get them fixed and DONT let them go out of your home.

Trap neuter return is a great way to control an over grown cat population! Cats dont want to be out in the cold or heat scrounging around for food and water!!! This is definitely a people problem to start with. It is inconsiderate, thoughtless people who are responsible for an animal overpopulation problem!!!!

Dont blame the animals!!!! Or hurt them!!!!! Blame the government if they had strict laws to spay and neuter even if cats left to run wild the cats would not have offspring. Lazy government so you take easy way out and kill them. You should be embarrassed in this day in age being so barbaric! In Waterford, MI we have too many feral cats and nobody is willing to do anything about the problem.

A few of the people keep feeding them! Find another solution!

The Secret Lives of Feral Cats | Science | Smithsonian

That is inhumane to make up this ruling to not feed cat colonies. These are homeless cats and peoples fault that they throw them out. Their deaths are horrible, starving to death, enduring pneumonia and injury. Spaying, neutering, catch and release with volunteer citizens to monitor and feed is more humane. It means to educate your community.

Catch them and get them sprayed or neutered. If the community is willing to help do this and wants to be a feeder for there colony then what is the issue here. Feral cat control must be taken under control by me there are so many were going nuts its a shame too cause some are sick and hurt i also dont like going in my yard and stepping in cat pooh or having my grandchildren getting it on them they should be caught really need help put spca wants too much money to trap them.

Re home them onto farms. They can keep the rat and mice issues under control. How do they expect these poor creatures cats to exist on nothing to eat. Not only have they been cruely abandoned by HUMANS and left to multiply they are now left again by HUMANS to slowly starve to death by beurocrats who sit in judgements over who lives and who dies a long slow painful death by starvation.


Excellent news, hats off to WRC for stepping up to control these pests and helping native fauna. All that remains is legislation to contain domestic cats. Your email address will not be published. By and large our readers' comments are respectful and courteous. We're sure you'll fit in well. View commenting guidelines. It specifies a range of potential penalties including fines and even imprisonment. Domestic cat owners need not worry, however. Lita Stratton on August 12, at am. Since when has it been a requirement to chip cats Reply.

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Sheila on August 11, at pm. Pauline Kingsbeer on August 11, at pm. Lazza on August 11, at am. Barbara Yndo on August 11, at am. Jeff Butler on August 11, at am. If the Male is neutered it is less costly and easier to control Agree that people need to: 1.

The Wild Cats of Piran

Not dump animals when they are past the cute stage Reply. And children end up stepping or touching it while playing the spca wants to charge peoe outrages orices to come get these pest cats iirs up to the spca and humane society to round up these cats Reply. Denise Gigg on August 11, at am. Marian Janus on August 10, at pm. Pam McConnell on August 10, at pm. Linda Huss on August 10, at pm. Infectious diseases can only spread from cats to humans via direct contact with either the cat or its feces, and feral cats typically avoid humans. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC show that cats are rarely a source of disease, and that it is unlikely for anyone to get sick from touching or owning a cat.

The health risks that catch and kill advocates most often blame on cats are intestinal parasites, rabies, flea-borne typhus, and toxoplasmosis. Yet the spread of these diseases has never been conclusively linked to feral cats. Ackerman says that the risk of catching an intestinal parasite like Cryptosporidium and Giardia from cats has been vastly over-hyped. The notion that stray cats spread rabies is another empty argument used by advocates of catch and kill programs, says Ackerman. The last confirmed cat-to-human transmission of rabies occurred in The risk of catching rabies from a feral cat is almost non-existent.

Australia Writes Morrissey to Defend Plan to Kill Millions of Feral Cats

Statistics from the CDC show that as a source of rabies infections, cats rank way behind wild animals like bats, skunks, and foxes who account for more than 90 percent of reported cases of the disease. The idea that cats will unexpectedly jump out of alleys and bite children is just as ridiculous as it sounds.

A analysis showed that about 90 percent of cat bites were provoked, and the vast majority of cat bites are caused by pets. Learn more about why feral cats do not spread rabies. Flea-borne typhus is another infectious disease sometimes erroneously blamed on feral cats. The disease is caused by Rickettsia bacteria that infect fleas, and most U. Although infected fleas may hitch a ride on feral cats, the chance of becoming infected with flea-borne typhus via a feral cat is extremely low. Cats are merely a host for fleas and if the cats are eliminated, the fleas simply find another host like squirrels and raccoons.

For this reason, public health officials in Texas, where flea-borne typhus is endemic, have focused their efforts on controlling fleas rather than their hosts. Outbreaks are rarely traced to cats. In , the CDC and Texas health authorities examining a cluster of flea-borne typhus in Austin found the Rickettsia bacteria in only 18 percent of cats, as compared to 44 percent of dogs and 71 percent of opossums, near the homes of people infected with the disease.

Catch and kill advocates argue that feral cats transmit toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease that spreads via Toxoplasma oocysts shed in the feces of an infected animal. But studies show that the overwhelming majority of toxoplasmosis cases actually result from eating undercooked meat.