Exploring the Way of Jesus: His destination, directions and strategies

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Explore The Holy Spirit Comes further. Peter Heals the Lame Man begins with a poor beggar sitting in the gate of the temple hoping to collect enough money to sustain him for yet another day. He had been lame from birth and had been repeating the same hopeless ritual for many years; until one day when Peter and John, two apostles of Jesus, passed by him to enter the temple. In a miraculous and divine appointment, Peter offered the man something more than he ever dreamed of: to be whole again!

Explore Peter and the Lame Man further. In Acts 5 Ananias and Sapphira decided to sell a piece of property and donate the money, just as they had seen many others do; but instead of giving up all of it, they held back a portion for themselves and lied, saying it was the full amount. Explore the story of Ananias and Sapphira further. The Stoning of Stephen gives the account of the first Christian martyr.

Even though Stephen was not an apostle, he preached the Gospel to many people and it led to his unjust persecution and execution by those who hated Christians. Explore the Stoning of Stephen further. Philip and the Ethiopian tells the story of how God used Philip to take the Gospel of Jesus from Jerusalem to Samaria, and to the outermost parts of the known world. On his way, he was directed by the Holy Spirit to approach a chariot carrying an important dignitary from a far-away region known as Ethiopia.

The divine appointment gave Philip the opportunity to reveal the Messiah as prophesied in the book of Isaiah to the Ethiopian. Explore Philip and the Ethiopian further. The life and conversion of Saul, who would eventually change his name to Paul, in Acts 9 reminds us that even the people who we think are too corrupt or antagonistic towards Christianity still have hope. No matter how hard life gets, your Sunday School class should know that God is always there and will equip us for every good work that He puts before us.

Just like Paul, we should run the race with endurance with our eyes on God and His Kingdom. This lesson also aims to help them understand that struggles with fear, confusion, guilt, doubt, discouragement, and even rejection are not always against physical enemies, but many times are against the forces of darkness in the spiritual realm. Explore the Armor of God further. All Things New describes a glorious vision of heaven given to the Apostle John. He saw an eternal kingdom in which its greatest beauty is the unveiled glory of God.

It is a place of perpetual brilliance, beauty, love, and joy. It is also a place where Jesus rules in righteousness.

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The curse of sin is destroyed and the effects are gone with it. Explore All Things New Further. Saving Faith centers on Hebrews 11, where Paul wrote on the topic of faith with unwavering confidence and conviction. He shows his readers how faith is acceptable to God for salvation and for a life pleasing to God. He used Abraham, the Father of Faith, as his prime example.

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Abraham believed God when He said He would make a nation from his family, and he left his hometown to go to a place he had never seen before. Explore Saving Faith further. Sin is the worst slave-master of all, because it is a controlling and abusive relationship that is eternally cruel. Explore this Redemption Sunday School lesson further. The answer is no one. All have sinned and fall short Romans There is not one righteous, no not one!

Romans The price for sin is death, but Jesus, who knew no sin, took our sin for us.

He died to pay the price for our sins, He was resurrected because His sacrifice was acceptable to God, and because His sacrifice was accepted, we are justified. Explore this Justification Sunday School lesson further. With God as our Father, we are protected, trained, disciplined, and cared for, and we are never alone. Explore this Adoption Sunday School lesson further. Plan of Salvation is designed to show children the entrance to the small gate—the narrow path that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. There is absolutely no other way to Heaven except through Him. Just as Jesus warned them in His teaching on the Kingdom of God, warn them to stay clear of the wide gate that promises a full and contented life apart from Christ, because ultimately it delivers death. Explore Plan of Salvation further. And, as Jesus will teach us, the way we get to know our Heavenly Father is through prayer! Explore God Our Father further.

If you are looking for some ideas for your upcoming holiday lessons here are some great resources.

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Topical Sunday School Articles: Great teachers are always learning. Here are some great articles to boost your knowledge of all things Sunday School. Each of these Sunday School lessons, along with accompanying lesson guides, activities, slideshows, and videos, are all available with SharefaithKids Sunday School curriculum from Sharefaith, Inc. Feel free to download for free lessons today and see how SharefaithKids will work for you to enhance your Kids Sunday School today! Great list. Like you mentioned, this would actually serve as a great baseline for a Sunday School curriculum. Have you ever considered creating a lesson for each of these on your site and linking to them?

With all the great imagery you have for each of the lessons it seems each of these would make riveting content for your site. Anyway, thanks for the list have it bookmarked! Hi Nathan, this actually is the content for our SharefaithKids Curriculum! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience possible.

If you would like more information on how cookies are used, please continue to more info. Or you can click OK to proceed as accepted. Home Leadership Sunday School Leadership. The Bible is the Word of God and was written so that we may come to know God and His plan for humanity. Will your students understand it? The Tower of Babel: Genesis 11 The Tower of Babel kids Bible story comes from Genesis and answers many historical questions for us as we grow and wonder why humanity is so widespread and diverse.

Sodom and Gomorrah: Genesis The infamous account of Sodom and Gomorrah is told in Genesis as the city is destroyed for its rampant sin. The Story of Joseph the Prince of Egypt: Genesis The kids Bible story of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis not only introduces us to the 12 patriarchs of the 12 tribes of Israel, but also shows the steadfast obedience of Joseph as he is enslaved and imprisoned, before eventually being elevated as a powerful ruler of Egypt.

Moses and the Burning Bush: Exodus 3 Moses and the Burning Bush is one of the most unique encounters with God that we have recorded for us in the Bible. The Exodus Story: Exodus The Exodus Story is a powerful story of deliverance that pictures the powerful salvation available to us in Christ. The Ten Commandments: Exodus 20 The Ten Commandments , as given in Exodus 20, were given by God as a foundation of the Law which requires obedience and respect to Him and our fellow men.

Crossing the Jordan River: Joshua Crossing the Jordan River is perfect for teaching children about seeing things through eyes of faith. I will never fully understand the width and breadth of human nature. For all my study I will never fully know what causes some persons to act one way while others do the opposite when life and death, good and evil, are on the line.

Such things are known to God alone, I suppose. BCP p. I knew of it, that it was a popular Paul Newman movie, but that was about all I knew. I felt a little redeemed when I looked up the list and realized that I know most of the top twenty. This famous line has been used for all sorts of things over the decades since it was uttered on the big screen. As is often the case, in the movies and in real life, force, pain, and violence are a universal language; one that transcends dialects, vocabularies, and culture.

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So do love and compassion. This is the other universal truth that drives cinema and life experience, too. Sometimes the love comes from unexpected places, which makes it easier or harder to interpret, depending on the situation. Quite clearly. There are a lot of sites that reference some of the same things I saw and wondered about.

The egg eating feat? The attempts at escape? Luke was running from God, just as he ran from the men who corralled him. What I did find especially interesting is that as Luke is driven off, shot and supposedly dying, he smiles. Maybe it will strike me differently the next time around. For that I give thanks. Give them a right understanding of themselves, and of thy threats and promises; that they may neither cast away their confidence in thee, nor place it any where but in thee. Relieve the distressed, protect the innocent, and awaken the guilty: and forasmuch as thou alone bringest light out of darkness, and good out of evil, grant that the pains and punishments which these thy servants endure, through their bodily confinement, may tend to setting free their souls from the chains of sin; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Book of Common Prayer, The only upside to being sick this past week was that I got to catch up on a show I had been wanting to continue watching for some time. I was able to watch the first season when it came out, but never found the time to watch the second season. After enjoying the novel, I thought the screen adaptation was well done. I was curious to see where the storyline would go as they went beyond the full scope of Atwood's writing. The setting is in New England after the United States at least partially collapses after a series of terrorist attacks that eliminate most of the elected leaders in Washington.

A radical theonomy is established with a literalistic Old Testament view of the world. Women, in particular, are stripped of most of their rights, relegated to "traditional" views of women's roles. A declining fertility rate has made procreation a religious and practical priority. The handmaid is a young woman who is still fertile, who is forced into a role as a handmaid, a surrogate womb as it were, for a ruling class couple unable to conceive. The story unfolds through her experiences and recollections of how the world came to be so troubling. Except for the light in the darkness that we find in resistance and hope.

It is these bright spots that endear me to the genre, frankly. I like these sorts of stories because, by and large, they tend to highlight the power of love, the human spirit, and perseverance. Although there are exceptions, most of these stories are inspirational because of the faith and effort of the protagonists who envision a world that is more in line with what seems right and just. The irony in Atwood's world, not unlike the irony in our own, is that those in power who have black and white views about how the world should work, ultimately can't live within those clearly defined lines themselves.

Ruling classes in these stories, in particular, warp and bend laws and rules to fit their needs and apply them when it is convenient, bending or breaking them when it is advantageous to do so. Underneath such attempts for strict, totalitarian utopias is an unmistakable reality that utopias can rarely be dictated. Despite Atwood's ruling class's intention for an orderly and religiously pure world, they end up finding that human nature doesn't respond so readily.

This M. Night Shyamalan thriller similarly tells the tale of a community that establishes itself to be a place of peace and love. While the actions of the leaders in Shyamalan's story are not nearly as sinister as Atwood's, their folly is the same. They assume that they can wall off the decay of the world around them and live a kind of utopian life that protects them and their children from the evils of the world.

What they learn is that evil cannot be kept at bay. It is a part of human nature and finds its way into the midst of people's lives no matter what. Shyamalan's story is stand-alone, while Atwood's is ongoing.

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I don't think either the book or the show will bring the full story to a conclusion. Such stories can only point us towards a hopeful vision. Their art is in inspiring us to either prevent the downfall or work for rebuilding the broken places that already exist.

It's not nearly as entertaining to describe the ending as it is to narrate the struggle and the journey. Authors and playwrights have known this for a thousand years. The Gospels themselves are not dissimilar. None of them tells a great deal about the risen Jesus or the aftereffects. As stand-alone books, they tell the story that leads to resurrection. In Mark's case, the author never even says Jesus was raised from the dead, but leaves it open for the hearer to decide what it's about. But the Gospel as a whole, the telling of God's Good News, certainly describes to us how God learned to deal with the shades of gray his beloved human creation brought into the world.

Somewhere along the way, God learned that humans can't be trusted to live within hard and well-defined walls. Call it free-will, call it sin, call it any number of things, but we will always find a way to muddy up things and create shortcuts and paths to the places we want to go, regardless of the path laid out for us. We are willful, sometimes ignorant, often selfish, and naturally self-absorbed, which means that oppressive rule and punishment would never work.

Enter the gift of grace, God's mercy, and the forgiveness that we find in the redeeming story of God's son. None of it gives us permission to do whatever we want, but it does demonstrate how God chooses to be flexible with humanity, and put relationship over obedience. I hope to never have to live through a post-apocalyptic period.

This world is challenging enough in so many ways. Reading about them makes me thankful for the blessings we have and the light that chases the darkness away here and now. I can't give away the plot of the Gospel either, for you already know it so well. Even so, I have no doubt God will continue to surprise us with God's love and grace.

I'm counting on it. Before the problem was serious, I knew there was something not right. I had to stop every so often, shut off the car, and then restart it so the transmission would engage after it had slipped out. I made it, but just barely. This week I test drove a used car with a manual transmission, and as soon as I put it into fourth gear I knew something was very wrong. The high-pitched whine associated with the spinning of the gears when accelerating was not normal. The young woman who was doing the test drive demurred a bit, suggesting we could ask someone when we got back.

I assured her it had a problem. When we got back, her manager confirmed that they were aware of the problem and had lowered the price on the vehicle accordingly. Which explained why it seemed like such a good deal. Now, you may be thinking, why is he getting another car? Is something wrong with the convertible? Convertible is fine. I like that car a lot. Back when we got the convertible, my first choice would have been a Jeep, which can also go topless, but the convertible was too good a deal to pass on.

So when I saw the great price on a local Jeep, I decided to check it out. And then I decided to buy it. I did get a good deal, even with the cost of a new transmission factored in. Once I have it replaced, there should be many good miles to go on this particular Jeep. The engine, the exterior, and the interior are in pretty good shape for a ten-year-old vehicle.

So back to transmissions. They are what transforms the power of the engine to the tires. To be honest, the transmission is one of the miracle parts of automobiles to me. Our lives are similar in this regard. There are a lot of moving parts that keep us going. Most of the time. Sometimes, something starts to wear, or even break. Often we know something is out of whack before we know exactly what it is. It may be noticeable when we step on the scale. We might be tired, or at the end of our rope.

These can all be signs and symptoms that need to be dealt with. Checking up on our symptoms before they get out of hand is important. If you find yourself in need of a check-up or a check-in, just let us know. Come for a visit or meet us for coffee. The good news is that almost all things can be repaired with the right attention and time. Charlie Pelota. It was eye-opening for all of us.

Some of this story is just bad luck, while some of it is indicative of the challenges of enforcing black and white laws in a world of gray. Regardless, it highlighted for me the shortcomings and the inequality of a system that responds so readily to who you know and how much money you have.

I know this is routine, because it happened to us about a month ago. As a quick sidebar, our situation was related to a mistake at the local tax office when registering our new car — a mistake we knew nothing about until Donna was pulled over. She was threatened with arrest, despite presenting an insurance card and registration for our car. It was a unique anomaly that the officer, his supervisor, our insurance agent, our insurance company, and the dealer who registered our car, had never come across. It turned out ok, and no one got arrested, but my lovely wife almost went to jail literally for something she could not have prevented.

So, back to this reasonable traffic stop for an expired tag. The husband was driving, and was, in fact, driving illegally on an expired license. He broke the law. He knew better. She presented her valid and up-to-date license, expecting to get it back and drive off. When they told her the date — from ! Unfortunately, she had been required to show up in court and never did. She was in jail. I was able to confirm that she was still in custody, and that she would not be granted bond bail until she had reappeared before a judge.

Her husband did have bond available, so I bailed him out. I then started to call around to find out how to help the wife. He, in turn, spoke with an attorney and a retired judge in that County who attends his congregation. It was a lot of time, phone calls, and effort. I will say that everyone serving in an official capacity was very nice.

This is not a story about how law enforcement and the court system is full of uncaring people. This is not about how any of them did anything other than their duty. On the contrary, they were respectful, honest, and empathetic. They are used to the system and its foibles, and those who are trying to help. It is the system, the ever so impersonal and overburdened system, that presented the challenges. In all my calls, what I found out is that this woman, who has never been in jail for any reason, ever, might have to stay in jail up to a month before she could be given an opportunity to get in front of a judge to deal with the FTA.

UNLESS, we could hire a private attorney who could file a motion to get her on the jail calendar sooner. That means making an appearance in front of a judge via remote television connection. It works fairly well. Without the private attorney, however, an inmate simply has to wait. There is no one to whom you can speak, no one to whom you can plead your case, and nothing a person on the outside can do to help you.

This couple is getting back on their feet and they have no extra cash on hand. I hired an attorney for her, at a reasonable rate because of the connections I have. That means that she should probably be out today. Two lawyers, including the one I hired, think that the charge will be dismissed for a variety of reasons. One, it is VERY old for this sort of thing.

And four, she spent more time in jail already than someone would have ever been naturally sentenced to as a result of the of the original offense. So many diverse Christians and churches, struggling with disputable matters, need the biblical clues so as to give the vertical God-ward direction, which influences their horizontal human-to-human direction regarding the handling of disputable matters. Gl —23 NIV. Such preliminary initiatives need a gear: love.

The strong should love the weak for who they are! Love is compared to some extent with a gear: a machine, which connects different parts for the sake of movement. It took the apostle Paul a whole chapter 1 Cor 13 to define love and its significance in connecting many diverse Christians and churches struggling with disputable matters. Our Lord Jesus Christ pointed it out that loving God in a vertical direction and loving others in a horizontal direction is the essence of the teaching of the Bible Mt — Paul continued to address disputable matters by giving concluding motivations for accepting unified doxology of worship including prayers and praises or songs as last and lasting solution to the disputable matters.

Prayer remains a gate, wide open for unified doxology or worship to be realised Rm , 13 ; Scripture is used as a ground or authoritative foundation for unified doxology or worship ; In Christ an establishment and maintenance of the unified praises is guaranteed Rm , 9, 15; a ; This establishment exists in Christ so that a unified doxology as an ultimate goal can be realised from now to eternity Rm , 7c—8, From these six key principles Christians and churches should and could therefore handle disputable music matters anywhere in any time through:.

The authors declare that they have no financial or personal relationship s that may have inappropriately influenced them in writing this article.

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The authors worked together sending the article back and forth, editing, adding points and relevant resources. Anstey, M. Barbara, S. Beaver, A. Begbie, J. Bosch, D. Bruce, F. Calvin, J. Cereghin, J. Cherry, C. Chilembwe, J. Coetzee, J. Cole, S. Constantineanu, C. Cranfield, C. International Critical Commentary.

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The Authors. Uncovering key biblical principle in handling disputable music matters in missio Dei perspective — a basic theoretical study. In This Original Research Towards a better understanding of the disputable music matters. Potential to stir-up church division.